So Mellow

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Brittney White broke curfew and therefore incurred the wrath of her dad. He reprimanded her and sent her to her room. While she was on her bed listening to music, her boyfriend Tyler crept through the window and motorboated her perky ass. They started fucking, and after a few minutes, they were startled by Brittney’s dad. He pounded on her bedroom door, and when she didn’t respond, he stormed in. Tyler nervously hid in the closet before Brittney’s dad could catch him. Brittney’s dad adamantly instructed her to clean up her messy room and do her laundry. After picking up her clothing, Brittney went to the laundry room and Tyler shortly followed. They fucked all over the washing machine. Tyler shot his load on Brittney’s pretty face, and while he was smacking his dick on her lips, her dad walked in and caught them in the act.

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